• Location:

    Via Luigi Galvani, Settimo Milanese, Milan

  • Customer:

    Allestimenti Benfenati

  • Designer:

    Salvatore Massone 

  • Date:

    March 2020

  • Foto credits:
    Thomas Pagani
  • Video credits:
    Moka Lab
  • Styling:
    Paola Craca
Piantina sede Allestimenti Benfenati

The AB headquarters is located in Settimo Milanese, on the outskirts of Milan, within a production area located between Bosco in Città and Parco delle Cave.
It is made up of two buildings, a 350 sq m block connected to the 4000 sq m production area and a second 120 sq m body adjacent to the area storage.

Allestimenti Benfenati sede
Allestimenti Benfenati sede
Allestimenti Benfenati sede
The spaces needed to accommodate customers and for the production force have been concentrated inside the slat of the existing offices. These include a large meeting room, the sample room, the executive offices and the operational and commercial spaces. The main entrance on via Galvani leads to the reception area consisting of the reception featuring a large desk with an imperial gray marble volume suspended on a mirrored steel mirror base, and the waiting area.
Allestimenti Benfenati sede

Dip bench by B & amp; B Italia; Seat HTI20 HenryTimi; Deep carpet by Paola Lenti; Luminator floor lamp and Arrangements suspension lamp by FLOS Desk designed by Studio SM; Vases Federica Elmo.
At the entrance there is a Site specific work, created locally by the artist Hernar Pitto.

Exceptional Talent
Continuing through a corridor that leads to the large meeting room characterized by full-height ceilings and a large round table. The choice of a single floor covered in concrete-effect porcelain stoneware is the backdrop to a palette of natural colors that identify and characterize the different environments.

Meeting table based on Studio SM design; Softshell Chair seats by Vitra; FLOS Cocoon Overlap suspensions; On the table vases and accessories by Henry Timi and Federica Elmo.

Allestimenti Benfenati sede
Allestimenti Benfenati sede
All samples of the materials used for the realization of the Benfenati Set-up projects are kept inside a long container railing and rigorously cataloged according to a division between the nature of the materials and the supplier companies. The mezzanine is entirely clad in custom-cut and welded calamine iron plates and rests on magnetic steel-coated partitions that act as project boards for the operational areas where accounts can show and discuss the drawings with the workers employed from time to time. in the realization of projects.
Allestimenti Benfenati sede

Containers and modular table made of iron and wood Alpi according to Studio SM design. Continuous tubular suspensions made of 2GLight methacrylate based on a design by the SM studio. Venice chairs by Kartell.

Allestimenti Benfenati sede
Allestimenti Benfenati sede
Allestimenti Benfenati sede
The full-height side paths to the right and left of the mezzanine identify and connect the two operational areas, commercial and technical, and the CEO's office.
A second space is dedicated to the commercial area equipped with operational desks, internal meeting table and "blackboard walls" that guarantee maximum functionality for discussing the initial stages of projects with the customer.
Allestimenti Benfenati sede
L’ultima area è la zona tecnica dove un team si dedica allo sviluppo dei dettagli esecutivi e alla redazione degli elaborati tecnici utili sia in fase di produzione che in fase di posa. Anche qui sono presenti le scrivanie operative e le superfici calamitate a parete per la massima funzionalità.

Operational desks and internal meeting table in white Calacatta marble based on Studio SM design; AM Chair task chairs by Vitra; Venice representative chairs and accessories by Kartell; 2GLight architectural lighting; Superloon floor lamp, Taccia lamp by FLOS; Complements and Vases Henry Timi and Federica Elmo.

Operational desks based on Studio SM design; AM Chair task chairs by Vitra; Venice representative chairs and accessories by Kartell; Architectural lighting by 2GLight. FLOS Kelvin LED table lamps; Prota Monitor and office accessories MarmoLove.

Allestimenti Benfenati sede
Allestimenti Benfenati sede
The three operational areas are joined by two large container elements that run along the two side paths. The first, under the windowed façade, is made of black metal and masks the air treatment system, the data networks and most of the remaining systems inside. On the opposite side, however, there is a high and continuous wardrobe in Alpi wood veneer.

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